Long, long time ago (feel like singing yet? ;)) I used to chat and mail with some american and brittish people. My english isn’t all that and I’m sure I made a lot of mistakes (ow well, same with dutch grammar), but as long everyone understood me it was no problem.

Loggin’ about personal stuff is a whole nother story. Because of the CFS and my (bad) level of concentration and energy, it’s very hard for me writing in english and keep making any sense at the same time. So I decided to log only in dutch.

Some of the people I used to chat with and visitors of Approaching Silence (my dear friend and guru Wimmie!! ;)) visited my log and that’s nice. Though it would be even nicer if they would understand a word I’m saying. Ok, the best solution is for those people to learn dutch, but they refuse to do that. A translation-script is nice but experience is that the translations turn out very strange. So they kept asking to write more in english and today they convinced me to give it a try.

So I’ll try to write mostly in english for a couple of days, to see how that’s working out. News comming from dutch newspapers will stay in dutch ofcourse (duh). Hopefully the dutch readers stay with me in this eh .. experiment (or should I say, disaster)

At least Khevor now knows what ‘brutaal koppie’ means 😉