Because I have CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) I joined a mailinglist on this subject. Several days ago some woman posted a pressrelease she wants to put out, for us to review and comment on. It was not all that well written (she offended a lot of scientists and even called them names?!) so I posted a comment, as polite and nice as I could. I even stated that she does great work for other patients and that only the way of communication wasn’t all that and gave some suggestions to improve that (having studied Communication science I thought I was allowed to interfere).

Everyone agreed with me, accept for the woman in question. She got really angry with me and accused me of not understanding ill people with CFS, not doing anything to help and gave me the advise to analyse my personality for writing the comment. And suprisingly said “why doesn’t anyone help me with communicating. Writing is not my strong point and instead of criticise me you could help me to write this release.”!?!?

Well you %&^$# bitch, what did you think I was doing?