Ok, I tried to log just for one day in english  now and allready stumble on to some difficulties. At first, it’s just very hard expressing myself as freely in english as I can in my own language. It requires a lot more thinking and I just simply don’t know all te words I need to rattle away. It also makes it harder to write a little piece in a spare minute. Loggin becomes very time consuming this way and makes the pieces less personal.

Second, it’s difficult to write about dutch news in english without explaining myself all the time. Who knows Jan Mulder, minister Donner, Roosendaal, WAO or kippenpest (chickenplague)?

I have to think about what to do with this but in the meantime some pieces will be in dutch again. Maybe I will make a combination of english and dutch like 5ub5onic does…

Hee, can’t say I didn’t try 😉