Thai cultural watchdogs have banned a line of condoms whose name translates as “Good Penetration,” saying the suggestive label could draw youngsters into having sex earlier, newspapers reported Tuesday. The condoms are actually named “Tom Dundee” after the stage name of a popular country singer, but Culture Ministry officials said this was inappropriate and offended good norms and culture, the Thai Rath tabloid said.

(…) Dundee, whose real name is Puntiva Poomiprates, defended lending his stage name to the condom brand. He said he was merely following a government policy to promote safe sex in a country where over 500,000 people have HIV or AIDS, and indicators point to climbing infection rates among the young.

“You can’t stop human desire, no matter how old they are, so it is better to protect them,” Puntiva told Reuters, adding that he had been telling his audiences about the risks of AIDS and unwanted pregnancy for years. (Helemaal)

Ja dat klinkt allemaal mooi en prachtig van deze Puntiva Poomiprates (wie noemt zijn kind ook zo?!) alias Tom Dundee. Maar ik lees geen enkel argument waarom die condooms nu per se ‘Goede penetratie’ moeten heten…